Why I’m So Excited!

I found out this week that I have been accepted to give a 45 minute (plus 15 mins Q and A) at an international conference in Amsterdam! Hurrah! I am so chuffed! It’s something I have wanted to do for a while and I am over the moon to be doing it.

This is my speaker profile – http://www.a4uexpo.com/europe/speaker/hannah-swift/ Don’t I sound smart! lol!

This is my presentation title – Don’t Mess up your content – Make your content Sell (Begins at 14:00 room E-F) I’m not giving too much away about what I will be speaking about, but it will be good! In the usual Hannah style it might be a little different too! 😉

If you want to know more about A4Uexpo have a looksie here – http://www.a4uexpo.com/europe/