You Guys!

You Guys! *blushes* Honestly there is nothing better after a long day at work, and a few hours at the radio station, to come home to a message that a parcel is awaiting you next door. The anticipation of what it could be, mixed with the self doubt – did I buy something when drunk on ebay again (not that I can drink at the moment, but that is another story)
I trundled my way over to the house next door to discover a package for me. I cheated by looking at the sender to find it was none other than the gorgeous people at Loquax. More commonly known to me as fellow Muse lover Jude, and fellow chocolate brownie lover Jason.
To cut a long story short, a few weeks ago now, there were rumours of the infamous bags being sold off on ebay! Well, a twitter conversation turned into a bidding war, and I lost. I loved my sunshine bags, they were great for the gym and for diving and for just well, having. So when I lost out I was upset. Turns out that pesky duck Jude had won the bid, and despite my earlier misery, it would soon be winging it’s way to my home! Hurrah! Along with that was a fun postcard/photo/compliments slip type thing with a pretty picture on and… wait for it… the best bit…

A duck toothbrush holder! (modelled by a sleeping Tinker) I have never seen such an amazing duck styled bathroom object! Amazing! I have taken it upon myself to take random pictures of ducks when out and about, especially in sea-side gift shops, and then tag Jude and Jason in these photos, but never on my travels have I seen one of these! Amazing!

So thanks you two – you really cheered me up after what has been a shitty few weeks! I love my surprise gift! xxx